Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Ideas:

I guess I will play catch up! Here is a bunch of halloween art projects we've done the past couple weeks. Sorry that the first couple pictures are upside down.

Paint a paper plate green, add orange handprints, black hat, orange eyes and once dry, the kids can draw on a mouth

Use their footprints for the white ghost, add various art supplies to the ghosts. These always turn out super cute. My kids are older this year, so I let them each decorate their own.

Glitter on a pumpkin

5 Little Pumpkins

Use popscicle sticks to make a fence, added foam pumpkins. Then we added the following poem:

5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate
the first one said, oh my it's get it late
the second one said, there are witches in the air
the third one said, but we don't care
the fourth one said, lets run and run and run
the fifth one said, i'm ready for some fun
oooooooo went wind and out wen the lights
and the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight

 Candy corn man

Cut an orange candy corn shape, add white for the bottom and the top. Add arms & legs.

Cut out a mummy shape, add tissue/kleenex squares over the mummy

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Color the house, add a straw for the water spout and a spider ring so the spider can climb up and down

Owl Babies
We made these after reading the story, Owl Babies, use cotton batting for the owl bodies, add yellow/black eyes. This is one of my favorite stories!


Use black plates, add features as seen above


Glitter Spiderweb

Spider Handprint


Trace foot and hands on black paper, add triange feet, beak and white circle eyes.

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  1. hello I have been following your other sight that shows your daily activities along with your favorite links and noticed the other day you blocked it so i was wondering could you send me your favorite sites i enjoyed reading and getting some wonderful ideaas for my daycare off of your site. Just wondering if you could share the links to those sites for me.
    Thanks Leez