Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Games

Here are a bunch of fall games that I've made for the kids: 

 Wrote different things on the leaves, then we read one at a time & do what it says!

 Our shape for October is triangles, so I cut out triangles out of orange paper and added a letter to one side and a number to the other

Match lowercase to uppercase

 Candy corn colors



Bat Alphabet:  match the bat cave to the bat

Letter E

Letter E Crafts:
Cut out an egg shape on a piece of tag board, then mix shaving cream and glue and spread it out over the tag board, add a yellow pompom to the center. This does take a few days to dry.


Cut out a set of handprints out of black paper for the wings, use a black oval for the body and a white head  (you can see below how to cut the white shape). We added on yellow feet & beak and google eyes.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Use a paper plate.. Add circle eyes & a triangle nose. We added yellow hair strips and a brown hat to the top. We made a bandanna out of red gingham material and sometimes we will add yellow hair strips to the bottom and sometimes we skip that step!

Letter D

I drew a D onto their paper and the kids added dot stickers:


Letter C

We made cookies for letter C. Use the small cosmetic rounds as the inside of the cookie, cut 2 pieces of construction paper the same size for the outside. We added hole punches for the chips/sprinkles to our cookies.

Letter A

Stamped A's onto an alligator pattern. Then added white triangles for the sharp teeth!


 Pain their hand and arm brown to make the tree trunk; Add green thumb prints as the leaves then stamp 2 red circles for the apples. Attach this poem to the bottom:

Way up high in the apple tree
2 big apples smiled at me
I shook the tree as hard as I could
And D-O-W-N came the apples
Mmmmmmmm.. they were good!

Ribbon Apples
We glued small pieces of red ribbon to the apple, add a stem & leaf when finished

Apple of My Eye

Paint a small paper plate red, attach a brown stem. You can find the printable poem here. We added a picture of the child onto the apple.